Arka has established strong partnerships with leading companies in various industries.

Our value system drives our effort to ensure that expansion to new client relationships commences once we achieve stabilized high levels of service delivery to existing clients, and build adequate resource capabilities to maintain service standards with existing clients, while effectively responding to service demands of new clients.

A brief summary of our associations in various sectors is captured below, which is more reflective than exhaustive:

  • FMCG
  • Consumer Durable
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Services & Knowledge
  • Automotive & Auto Components
  • Manufacturing
  • Capital Goods


When Bharat asked me to write this testimonial, I didn’t think for a split second to say yes. What was perceived by me as an easy task didn’t prove to be so.

My thought process was so complicated that it took me some time to start off.

Our partnership is unique, it based on mutual understanding and appreciation, equality, right to express openly and growth in depth of relationship.

We at Vestergaard Frandsen take pride in a unique business model and equally unique culture and values. These values need to be shaped and shared with all employees.

Arka makes our job easier, when they reach out to prospective candidates, they are able to screen them based on those values and that makes the fitment easy. It is no small task and could only happen because Bharat and his team have put the effort to understand nuances of our value system.

We take pride in our people and majority of them have been hired through Arka in the past 7 years. We have grown multifold, so much so that we moved 5 offices in last 7 years. So I believe Arka would be equally proud of their contribution to the growth of our organization.

The fact that Bharat and his team has helped us build the team at Vestergaard Frandsen also gives us other unique advantages and I would give a recent example, Bharat came to our office with his team for a scheduled meeting and I got delayed in traffic to return back and came 35 minutes late for the meeting, I didn’t see a frown on Bharat’s face. Can you guess the reason? He was easily able to spend the time in our office as more than half the staff was known to him and took the opportunity to discuss meaningful issues with him.

I think we were lucky to bump into Arka and they willingly took the role of our “unofficial and unpaid HR sparring partner” and have done wonderful all round job.

Thanks Arka and even though no thanks is enough !!!!!!!!

(Navneet Garg, Chief Development Officer)



This organization ARKA is built by a youthful practising manager, driven by passion, ethics and creditable professional values.
ARKA has been associated with us for various HR solutions for the last 8 years.

The team ARKA exhibits strong service orientation and have rare ability to connect and understand CNH’s business and its human resource needs.

ARKA, over the years, has positioned itself a meaningful business partner to us, being methodical, has been delivering middle and senior level searches both databank and head hunting mandates including Campus search, Non roll resources Mgmt etc.

With best wishes

(Rajneesh Bawa, Director HR India Business, Agriculture/Construction /Capital/PD)



We at GPI/KKM Group have been using services of Arka Business Solutions for the last 8 years.

Bharat has worked-on/serviced some of our very critical and senior positions at GPI. I found him to be highly resourceful, focused, and committed to results. He and his team’s speed of response and ability to understand the cultural aspect of the organization is an effective differentiator.

Arka team spends enough time to understand the real requirements and objectives of the role, including meeting senior members of our organisation, before they start to match potential candidates to the role - this made the whole process very efficient for me, as we only discussed people who were relevant for the role. The ongoing updates were excellent and clear to understand - for once an enjoyable recruitment process!

The reasons I choose ARKA as a trusted search partner are based around the consistent quality of their delivery, combined with their high level of professional integrity and ethics. I would advocate their services to anyone requiring executive search of the highest standard.”

(Arun Kumar, Group Executive VP (HR))



It has been our pleasure to be associated with Arka Business Solutions for sometime now. With a combination of industry specific expertise and specialized research, the team has provided us effective executive search solutions.

They have highly qualified and committed consultants, ably led by Mr. Bharat Chugh himself, who share a passion to excel and above all, always demonstrate the energy, enthusiasm and ownership for delivering superior services to clients.

I can confidently say that, for Carraro Group in India, they don’t just provide recruitment services – they, in fact, partner with us to hire the right fit, from middle management levels upto the top management team.

We look forward to continue a long & successful association with Arka – I wish them good luck.

(Balaji Gopalan, Asia Pacific HR Director)



During my tenure at IKEA South Asia, I enjoyed working with Arka as I found them very professional, efficient and honest. The main thing was their fit with IKEA from Values & Culture perspective. Arka understood our requirements from recruitment and hiring perspective and did initial screening for us, as a result of which we could find a good fit with the candidates.

(Arvinder Khanna, Ex. HR Manager)



Due to great support from Arka and their ability to find talented people quickly both in US and Indian Markets , Logan Britton has been able to provide five star service to its 250+ client in US. Thanks to Arka. Their staff has been courteous and is so quick to respond, it makes you feel they are working around the clock.

(Yash Gupta, President and CEO)